2 in 1 Dog Leash

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Walk your two dogs the same time easily and hassle-free.

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One of the troubles we face when having two dogs is the endless entangles when walking your dogs and we all know it is not easy controlling them to walk at the same time. Thats why here is a solution for you! Introducing the 2-in-1 DOG LEASH!

    2-in-1 Dog Leash is a NON-TANGLING RETRACTABLE leash that ALLOWS you to walk TWO DOGS at the SAME TIME while MAINTAINING and INDIVIDUAL CONTROL to each dog. It has a 360° SPIN that UNTANGLES AUTOMATICALLY that PROVIDES you an EASY and HASSLE-FREE walking. It has a SWIVEL JOINT that PREVENTS the LINES from CROSSING OVER each other as it CONSTANTLY RE-ALIGNS itself. It has TWO STOPPER BUTTONS which have both COREESPONDING COLORS so it will be EASY for you to KNOW which LEASH you want to CONTROL.


    2-in-1 Dog Leash is ERGONOMICALLY SHAPED and FITS WELL in your HAND. It is very LIGHTWEIGHT and has a SLIM DESIGN which makes it COMFORTABLE for you and your dogs. It is 3-METER-LONG each and can go 10FT per DOG. It is SUITABLE from PUPPIES to ADULT DOGS.



      • 50 lbs per dog is ok.
      • 10 ft per dog.
      • Untangles automatically.
      • Stop dogs individually.
      • Reflective leads.
      • Light weight.
      • Slim design.
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