Anti Spy Screen Guard

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A screen protector that makes sure your screen are for your eyes only leaving a darkened screen to side peepers.

People have an irritating tendency to glance over your phone, aren't they? Here isa trickto keep your privacy intact. Introducing the ANTI-SPY SCREEN GUARD, the perfect SCREEN PROTECTOR that PROVIDES PRIVACY to users.

ANTI-SPY SCREEN GUARD is a SCREEN PROTECTOR that lets you use your mobile device without REVEALING confidential information to PEOPLE on EITHER SIDE by letting only YOU to see the DISPLAY SCREEN and have the people on each side see just a DARKENED SCREEN.

It is designed with a HYDROPHOBIC and OLEOPHOBIC coating that PROTECTS your screen from accidental spills and oil residue from fingerprints. It is ANTI-SCRATCH and is 0.33mm THICK and made with CHEMICALLY TREATED tempered glass making it DURABLE. It has an ANTI-SHATTER feature that when broken, protector breaks into small pieces that are NOT SHARP, making it SAFER than other glass products.

ANTI-SPY SCREEN GUARD is designed to FILTER OUT a portion of screen BRIGHTNESS. Your devices screen brightness will be reduced by 35% when this protector is in use. For optimal usage, turn up your preferred brightness during day to day operation. It has an ANTI-BLUE LIGHT and EYE PROTECTION so it will not DAMAGE or HURT your eyes when you use it.

    Thickness: 0.33mm.
    Function: Prevent peeping.
    Compliant: For Samsung S10 /S10+ /S9+ / S9 / S8+ / S8 / Note 8 / Note 9.
    For iPhone XR / Xs / Xs Max / X / 8 plus / 8.
    Package includes:
    1 X Alcohol swab.
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