Bag Line Organizer

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Organize and save space on your room with this hanging organizer.

Here is a product that will help you ORGANIZE your BAGS and SAVE SPACE and STORAGE at the same time. Introducing the BAG LINE ORGANIZER!

Bag Line Organizer is a LANYARD HANGER that you can HANG your bags for an ORGANIZED and SPACE SAVING room. It is made of NYLON BELT and STAINLESS-STEEL HOOKS that makes it STURDY and DURABLE. It is ANTI-RUST and has a GOOD BEARING CAPACITY.

Bag Line Organizer has an ADJUSTABLE HANGER that makes it CONVENIENT to use. It has a WIDE RANGE of USAGE as it can be GREAT to ORGANIZED not just bags but also Hats, Coats, Pants, Towels, Dresses and so on. It has a dimension of approximately 200cm inches in length and 1inch width. It can STORE up to 16 BAGS.

Bag Line Organizer is very EASY to use just ATTACH the STRAP at the back of your door and hang the items you want to organize.

Installation instruction note:

  1. You can tighten the upper and lower ends to make the whole rope tight, so the hanging items don't fall off.
  2. You can adjust the length by adjusting the buckle, and if it is not strong, you can tie the knot.
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