Beach Lounger Towel

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A relaxing and convenient towel slipcover for a perfect lounging experience.

Does your SUNBATHING get INTERRUPTED by the TOWEL SLIPPING on your lounger chair? Or are you conscious to FOCUS relaxing because youre worried about your EXPOSED valuables? Beach trips are supposed to be RELAXING and FUN so DONT WORRY about those issues as we introduce you the BEACH LOUNGER TOWEL.
Beach Lounger Towel is a TOWEL SLIPCOVER that is SPECIALLY DESIGNED for BEACH LOUNGERS. It has an ANTI-SLIP design to SECURE the towel to your chair and STAYS IN PLACE no matter how many times you move and switch positions. It has a STORAGE POCKETS where you can SAFELY KEEP your personal belongings and they are just an ARM REACH AWAY incase you need them. This CONVENIENT towel can also TRANSFORM to a CARRY BAG that can be wrapped around your shoulder for an EASY PACK AWAY!
Beach Lounger Towel has a COOLING EFFECT making your lounging more RELAXING even when under the sun! It has a UNIVERSAL SIZE that FITS most of the lounge chairs. It is PERFECT for the beach, pool, patio, and pretty much any outdoor venue. It is EASY to INSTALL just simply cover the chair and enjoy a soft, comfortable, relaxing beach experience.
Product Specifications
  • Made of a polyester fiber
  • Dimensions : L 84.65 inxW 29.58 in
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