Bottle Nozzle Pump

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Introducing a mess-free and convenient way to use your condiments. We offer you the BOTTLE NOZZLE PUMP.

Bottle Nozzle Pump is a BOTTLE PUMP that is made of FOOD GRADE material making it SAFE and STURDY to use. It is a TUBE PUMP that TRANSFORMS your CONDIMENTS into INSTANT DISPENSERS for a MESS FREE and MORE CONVENIENT kitchen experience.

It ALLOWS you to CONTROL the EXACT AMOUNT you NEED by the AMOUNT of PRESSURE youll put when you PUMP your bottle. It PREVENTS MESSY SPILLS and DRIPS when youre COOKING.

Bottle Nozzle Pump has a SNAP ON DESIGN making it SUPER EASY to ATTACH in ANY BOTTLE. It has a UNIVERSAL GRIP making it PERFECT to ANY BOTTLE TYPE and SIZE.

It is SUITABLE for KITCHEN CONDIMENTS such as Soy Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Vinegar, Hot Sauce, Ketchup, Liquid Seasonings and more. It is EASY to CLEAN. A really must have in every KITCHEN.

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