Cat Bath And Grooming Bag

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Do you always struggle when it comes to grooming and bathing your cats? Do you always have these scratches and marks every after grooming and bath time?

Worry no more as we introduce you theCAT BATH AND GROOMING BAG, your solution for a PEACEFUL bath and grooming time with your cat love!

Cat Bath and Grooming Bag is a SAFETY BAG that is made of HIGH-QUALITY POLYESTER MESH that is COMFORTABLE and BREATHABLE for ALL CATS. This bag will HELP you to KEEP your cats STILL during the BATH and GROOMING time. The MESH fabric can allow the WATER and SOAP to easily filter in and out to provide a good quality of bath.

  • Keeps your cat still for bathing.Cat owners know how painful it is when your cat lashes out in the bath or shower, even if you've trimmed their nails. TheSafety Cat Bath and Grooming Bag will keep your cat still and in one place, allowing you to bathe them easily for shiny, healthy, and clean fur!
  • Designed for your cat's comfort.EachSafety Cat Bath and Grooming Bag is made out of the top polyester mesh. This mesh makes being in theSafety Cat Bath and Grooming Bag breathable and comfortable for your cat. The mesh also allows water and soap to easily filter in and out.

  • Wide application use.TheSafety Cat Bath and Grooming Bag isn't just useful for bathing your cat, it also makes a variety of other activities easier. Ideal for grooming, giving medication, cleaning ears, brushing teeth, feeding, using eye-drops, and trimming nails.

    • Secure and easy to use.Your cat will be kept snug and comfy inside theSafety Cat Bath and Grooming Bag thanks to its secure zipper and drawstring design.

      Cat Bath and Grooming Bag has a SECURED ZIPPER and DRWASTRING DESIGN to KEEP your cats SNUGGLED inside the bag SACURELY and SAFELY. It has a WIDE APPLICATION of USE as it is not just for BATH and GROOMING but to also keep your cats still during nail clipping, cleaning of ears, medication, eye drops and other things you need them in control.

    Product Specification:
    Material: Polyester mesh
    Color: Blue / Pink
    Closure: Drawstring and zipper
    Size(Approx): 11*10.2*2.7 cm

    Package includes:
    Cat Bath and Grooming Bag x 1pc
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