Cool Glow Shoes

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Be extra cool in your next party with this illuminating shoe!

Are you always game into a PARTY? Do you love attending FESTIVALS and RAVE NIGHTS? How about we UPGRADE your STYLE to your next event with COOL GLOW SHOES?

Cool Glow Shoes is a FASHIONABLE SNEAKERS that can be CONVERTED to 11 DIFFERENT LIGHT MODES in just a click of a button. It is made of FIBER OPTICAL MESH material and ELASTIC SOLE that PROVIDES a HIGH ENDURANCE and MAXIMUM COMFORT. It is very LIGHT WEIGHT. It is SPECIALLY DESIGNED to be DURABLE enough for DANCING, FITNESS, and MUSIC FESTIVALS. The INSOLE and UPPER VAMP is BREATHABLE keeping your FEET DRY and COOL and will not let your feet feel MUGGY.

Cool Glow Shoes can keep your feet COMFORTABLE and PREVENT your FEET from feeling TIRED and HURT during the LONG HOURS of Walking, Dancing, and Partying. The SLEEK and SPORTY DESIGN makes it PERFECT for EVERYDAY WEAR as well. It is SUITABLE both for MEN and WOMEN.

Cool Glow Shoes is EQUIPPED with the LATEST LED LIGHT TECHNOLOGY making it 2x BRIGHTER that a glow in the dark shoes. It is USB RECHARGEABLE which gives you the advantage to EASILY CHARGE it WHEREVER! Charge it for 2-3 hours and experience a 5-8 hours of GLOWING SHOES! It has a HIDDEN SWITCH BUTTON inside the strap on the heel while not AFFECTING the comfort ability of the shoes.


  • USB Rechargeable(Charge it for 2-3 hours and experience a 5-8 hours of GLOWING SHOES)
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