Detachable Handy Pet Safe Gate

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The perfect divider to isolate your pets safely without making them feel abandoned. 

No matter how lovely it is to have pet dogs at home, there are still areas in our house we want to keep from them. That is why we are offering you the perfect boundary for your dog babies. Introducing the DETACHABLE HANDY PET SAFE GATE.

Detachable Handy Pet Safe Gate is the EASIEST and MOST DISCREET way to prevent pets from causing TROUBLE ALL AROUND THE HOUSE. It is IDEAL for SMALL and BIG pets that you want to isolate. It is made of HARD-CUT HARDENED NYLON materials that can HOLD ON to your pet when they’re trying to pass their boundaries and a WOVEN MESH FABRIC making it SEE-THROUGH, so the pets won’t FEEL ABUSED or VIOLATED. It has a SIMPLE and ELEGANT design that PERFECTLY BLENDS in your interior home décor.

Detachable Handy Pet Safe Gate has a WIDE RANGE of APPLICATION as it can also be used for KID’S SAFETY. It PREVENTS and SECURE your KIDS especially TODDLERS from roaming around the house. It can also KEEP them AWAY from NON-KID FRIENDLY AREA on your home. The MESH FABRIC can HELP you SEE and CHECK your KIDS from AFAR. It is 27” tall and expands up to 40” wide. It is PERFECT ENCLOSURE for Doorways, Between Walls, or Stair ways. It is EASY to ASSEMBLE as it is just ATTACHABLE. It is LIGHTWEIGHT and PORTABLE.


  • 1 x Detachable Handy Pet Safe Gate (Small 72x110 cm / Large 72x180 cm)

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