Easy Pompom Maker Set

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Are you a fun of fluffy pompom mats? Ever dreamed of making your own? We got you! Introducing the EASY POMPOM MAKER SET.

Easy Pompom Maker Set is an ARTISTIC ACTIVITY that you and your family can enjoy! It is a SET of POMPOM MAKING that PROVIDES ENDLESS FLUFFY POMPOM PRODUCTS such as Mats, Blankets, Scarf, Cushions, Beanies, Pillows, Rags, House Decors and more. It is made of HIGH-QUALITY ABS RESIN, POM RESIN PVC, and POLYESTER making it SUPER FLUFFY, LIGHTWEIGHT and DURABLE.

Easy Pompom Maker Set comes with 12 BALLS of YARN with VAIETY of COLORS and 4 SIZES of FLUFF BALL MAKER that you can MIX and MATCH for an ENDLESS CREATIVITY. It is a PERFECT BONDING ACTIVITY for the FAMILY and FRIENDS. It is VERY EASY and FUN to USE.

  • Material:ABS Resin, POMResin PVC(Fluffball Maker), Polyester(Yarn)
  • 12 Pcs. colorful Balls of Yarn:Random Colors
  • 4Sizes of Fluffball Makers:38mm /48mm / 68mm / 88mm
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