Exhaust Pipe Roaring Whistle

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Are you into CAR DCOR and DETAILING? Do you dream of having a car from Fast and the Furious but dont have extra money for it?

Worry no more! We are introducing the EXHAUST PIPE ROARING WHISTLE, the car accessory that will turn your car into a beast!

Exhaust Pipe Roaring Whistle is a CAR ACCESSORY that you INSTALL at the exhaust pipe of your car. After the installation the PRESSURE that BLOWS OUT of your exhaust pipe will make your vehicle sound like it has a TURBO SYSTEM or BLOW OFF VALVE. It is EASY to INSTALL. It has a FANCY APPEARANCE making it an EXTRA DCOR for your car. It is made of HIGH-QUALITY ALIMINUM material. It is LIGHT-WEIGHT and DURABLE.

Exhaust Pipe Roaring Whistle is only the LENGTH of the WHISTLE. The LARGER the size, the LOUDER the ROAR it can make. For an EASY and QUICK installation: Just loosen the bolt in the sound whistle and insert it to the tailpipe and tighten the bolt so it wont fall off when driving.

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