Interactive Food Tumbler for Dog & Cat

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This Interactive Food Tumblercan satisfy your dog's (or cat) instinct of curiosity and playfulness. It has a small leaking outlet for snacks and food, keep your pet energetic, and feed them with their favorite treats.


  • Tumbler or rod design, lots of fun for the pets.
  • Easy to handle, just open the cap and put food inside, screw it and lock it, not easy to break out.
  • The transparent storage tank allows your pets to see the food inside and get them interested.
  • Made of high quality ABS+PC material. Completely safe for pet and owner.
How To Use:

Step 1: Screw out the cover & the bottom to open the toy
Step 2: Put pet snack on the base, the diameter of snacks are less than 14mm
Step 3: Hold the bottom & then screw the tumbler to make it tight


Dog Feeder: 93.5mm x 136mm
Cat Feeder: 60.5mm x 87mm

With special inner structure to slow down the speed of your pet eating, avoiding indigestion caused by overeating, protecting snakes from crushing, and extending the playing time.

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