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A USB powered foot pads that keeps your feet warm during the cold season.

Were excited to offer you a product that will surely warm you up during the cold season! Introducing the FOOT WARMING USB INSOLE.

Foot Warming USB Insole is a USB POWERED HEAT FOOT PADS that KEEPS your FEET WARM during the WINTER and FALL SEASON. It is made of PREMIUM SOFT LINT making it SUPER SOFT, COMFORTABLE and LIGHTWEIGHT to USE. It HELPS you to CONTINUE and ENJOY your ACTIVITIES during the cold season. It PROVIDES a LONG-LASTING HEAT up to 6 HOURS. It is RECHARGEABLE via USB CABLE with THREE CHARGING OPTIONS: USB Port, Power Adapter, and Power Bank.

Foot Warming USB Insole is IDELA for ACTIVITIES during COLD SEASON such as Outdoor Sports, Hunting and Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Working in the yard, Jogging, Walking, and more. It is SAFE and ODORLESS. It is COMPATIBLE to ALL FEET SIZES. It is EASY to USE. It can be CLEANED just make sure to KEEP IT DRY before using.


  • For Outdoor ( Do not wash )
  • 2 XWarming Insole
  • 2 X Ankle Straps
  • 2 X Battery Cases(batteries are not included)

  • For Indoor ( Washable )
  • 2 XWarming Insole
  • 1 XUSB wire (charger is not included)

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