Handy Car Retracting Curtain

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Keep your privacy while blocking and protecting your vehicles from the harmful UV rays of the sun with this amazing sun visor. Introducing the HANDY CAR RETRACTING CURTAIN.

Handy Car Retracting Curtain is an INNOVATIVE CAR WINDOW SHADE that will give your CAR a 24-HOUR FULL PROTECTION from the SUN. It is made of HIGH-DENSITY POLYESTER material that can BLOCK 99.5% of the HARMFUL UV RAYS and up to 85% of the suns TOTAL SOLAR ENERGY.

And it has an ALUMINUM ALLOY for AEROSPACE. It has a RETRACTABLE DESIGN making it EASILY FOLDABLE and can be EASILY STORED anywhere in your car. No more FLAPPING OUT car window shades! It has TWO POWERFUL SUCTION CUPS that makes the curtain HARD to SLIDE AWAY.

Handy Car Retracting Curtain is ADJUSTABLE as you can CUT the EDGE to FIT perfectly to you cars windows. It is SUITABLE in ALL TYPES of cars including the Vans, Trucks, Compact Cars, and SUVs. It is EASY to USE just fix the suction cups on your desired right position and turn the knob to vacuum the air out then insert the visor into the notch and pull it across the window/windshield.


  • Function: Protect the car from heating in the Sun.
  • Installation: Super easy with the suction cups.
  • Portable:Retractable design, can be folded up and stored in anywhere in your car.
  • Stable: Two powerful suction cups make the curtain hard to slide away.
  • Adjustable: Can be cut off according to your car window size.
  • Durable: Upgrade aluminum alloy reinforced holder.

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1 xHandy Car Retracting Curtain(46cm)

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