Handy Kitchen Spatula Flipper

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Perfectly flip food effortlessly with this spatula flipper.

Have you tried flipping the food when cooking but end up failing? It doesnt need a professional cook to do this trick as we introduce you the HANDY KITCHEN SPATULA FLIPPER.

Handy Kitchen Spatula Flipper is an INNOVATIVE SPATULA as it is SPECIALLY DESIGNED to have an EXTRA SUPPORT for a PERFECT FLIPPING SKILL. It is a TONG and SPATULA in ONE that is made of STAINLESS-STEEL material making it STURDY, SAFE to USE and LONG-LASTING. It is HEAT RESISTANT, so it is GUARANTEED to NOT MELT or WARP during CONTACT with HEAT.

Handy Kitchen Spatula Flipper can PERFECTLY FLIP ANY TYPE of FOOD such as Pancakes, Burger Patties, Eggs, Omelets, and more. It has the RIGHT SIZE and SMOOTH EDGE for a PERFECT and EVEN FLIP. It is also IDEAL for TRANSFERING, LIFTING and TURNING of FOOD DISHES. It is PERFECT for ALL AGES especially KIDS that wants to LEARN how to cook. It is EASY to CLEAN as it is DISHWASHER SAFE.


  • A combination of tong and spatula in one for a perfect flipping skill.
  • Made of stainless steel making it safe and durable. Heat-resistant that can guarantee to not melt or warp even when contact with heat.
  • Ideal to flip smoothly and perfectly and effortlessly pancakes, burgers, eggs, omelets and more.
  • Also suitable for transferring, lifting, turning of food dishes.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Size:26.5*7.5cm/10*3in
  • Weight:160g
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