Handy Painless Hair Remover

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There are LOT of TECHNIQUES and TREATMENT to get rid of UNWANTED HAIR, it is impossible to find the perfect one that will suit your skin’s health. That is why we are happy to offer you the best product for a PERFECTLY SMOOTH and SILKY SKIN! Introducing the HANDY PAINLESS HAIR REMOVER!

Handy Painless Hair Remover is a HYPOALLERGENIC HAIR EPILATOR that provides a PAINLESS SHAVING for your whole body. is made with HIGH QUALITY 18 KARAT GOLD-PLATED blade that makes it SUITABLE for ALL SKIN TYPES. The razor blade is DUAL SIDE and has a PIVOTING HEAD which makes it BI-DIRECTIONAL meaning you can shave up or down and GET SAME RESULT.

Handy Painless Hair Remover can shave even your MOST sensitive areas like BIKINI, UNDERARMS, LEGS without giving nicks, cuts, bumps, or irritation to your skin. This product can PERFORM its JOB well without the use of WATER or SHAVING CREAM/LOTION.

It has a RECHARGEABLE built in LED LIGHT to provide more clear sight on the area you want to shave. It comes with a purse, USB adapter, trim comb for 3mm and 5mm, a guard case for sensitive area, and a cleaning brush.


It can be used anywhere on the body from face, arms, legs, and bikini line. It DERMATOLOGIST APPROVED.

What's Included:
1x  Hair Remover
1x  Head
1x  Brush for cleaning
1x  Power Cable (US, UK, AU or EU)
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