Handy Undergarment Mesh Organizer

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Keep your undergarments fresh, odor-free, and tidy with the help of this handy mesh organizer.

When it comes to our closet and clothe drawers it is always found messy is the underwear storage, right? That is why we are happy to introduce our very own HANDY UNDERGARMENT MESH ORGANIZER.

Handy Undergarment Mesh Organizer is a STORAGE ORGANIZER that consists of MULTIPLE COMPARTMENTS to NEATLY SEPARATE and STORES UNDEARWEARS such as Bras, Underpants, Boxers, Socks, and more. It is made of PREMIUM MESH material that PROVIDES PROPER VENTILATION to EFFECTIVELY AVOID MOISTURE BUILD-UPS to KEEP your underwear FRESH and TIDY. It has a THREE DIMENTIONAL STRUCTURE that is EXTRA DURABLE and FIRM.

Handy Undergarment Mesh Organizer KEEPS your UNDERGARMENTS ODORLESS. Its MESH DESIGN can LET you SEE THROUGH INSTANTLY. It has an EXPANDED GRID that will FIT MOST UNDERGARMENTS. It comes in DIFFERENT SIZES: Bra box: 12.5 X 12.5 X 4.7-inch, Underpants box: 4.7 X 12.5 X 4.7-inch, Sock box: 4.7 X 12.5 X 4.7 inch. It is WASHABLE.


  • Bra box: 12.5 X 12.5 X 4.7 inch
  • Underpants box: 4.7 X 12.5 X 4.7 inch
  • Sock box: 4.7 X 12.5 X 4.7 inch


  • MeshGrid™ Underwear Storage Organizer (1 pc / 3-pc SET)
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