Lazy Phone Neck Holder

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Enjoy watching or reading through your gadgets without exerting arm and hand effort.

Do you want to rest your hand and arms from holding your phone for hours when watching or reading? We have the best solution for you! Introducing the LAZY NECK PHONE HOLDER.

Lazy Neck Phone Holder is a PHONE HOLDER that is DESIGNED to be HANDS FREE. It is a NECK BAND that you can WEAR AROUND your NECK while HOLDING your PHONE in FRONT of your FACE for an EASIER and MORE CONVENIENT WATCHING and READING EXPERIENCE. It can also be USED as a PHONE STAND alone.

Lazy Neck Phone Holder is PERFECT both for INDOOR and OUTDOOR use. You can HANDILY WEAR it when laying down, or relaxing, or while biking or running. It is SUITABLE for ALL SMARTPHONES, TABLETS and READING TABLETS. It is ADJUSTABLE and FOLDABLE to SUIT BEST your DESIRED ANGLE and POSITION.

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