Magnetic Car Window Curtain

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Drive with privacy and protection from the sun with the instant installation magnetic curtain.

Magnetic Car Window Curtain is a MAGNETIC CURTAINS that PREVENTS and PROTECTS you and your passengers SKIN from the HARM of UV RAYS, REDUCTION of SUN GLARE and HEAT EFFECTIVELY.
It is OPAQUE that FITS PERFECTLY to car windows. It also provides PRIVACY in your car. It is STRETCHABLE. It is SAFE to DRIVE as the REAR-VIEW MIRROR is still VISIBLE. It DOES NOT HINDER the OPENING and CLOSING of windows. It is GUARANTEED that this magnetic curtain DOES NOT AFFECT NORMAL DRIVING.
Magnetic Car Window Curtain is made of ECO-FRIENDLY SATIN FABRIC with an EQUISITE WORKMANSHIP that provides comfortable touching. It has a mysterious BLACK with LOUVER FOLDS making your car look mysterious and noble. It is NON-TOXIC and SAFE for KIDS.

Magnetic Car Window Curtain is very EASY to INSTALL. You just ALIGN the MAGNETS to the IRON WINDOW FRAME. Youll have a FIRMED and SECURED window shade in just 5 seconds!
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