Magnetic Screwdriver Drill Set

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Lets make your carpentry EASY and FAST with our very own Magnetic Screwdriver Drill Set.
Magnetic Screwdriver Drill Set offers you the ULTIMATE SUPPORT to HOLD onto SCREWS particularly at the start of the work and if you have tiny screws. It PREVENTS the screw from FALLING and WOBBLING. It has a STRONG MAGNETIC feature that can set the screw STRAIGHT and help PREVENT cross-threading. The ATTACHABLE MAGNETIC TIP will SECURELY FASTEN the bit to the driver and hold the screw in place.
It is DESIGNED to WITHSTAND the toughest job site conditions as it can work on to different materials such as WOOD, ALUMINUM, PLASTIC, FIBER GLASS, PLASTER BOARD, and IRON. This tool is ENGINEERED to EXCEED the EXPECTATIONS of homebuilders, remodeling contractors, electricians, and other construction personnel.
Magnetic Screwdriver Drill Set will SURELY help you SAVE your TIME and ENERGY. It will also PREVENT you from ACCIDENTS cause of MANUAL SCREW DRILLING. This tool is super DURABLE. It is HEAT-TREATED to RESIST breakage and WEAR. It is SHOCK-RESISTANT. And it MATCHES any POWER DRILL and CORDLESS DRILL.
Product Specification:
  • Materials:High-Speed Steel
  • Size:

Package Included:
  • 1 x Magnetic Screwdriver Drill Set
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