Memory Foam Comfortable Pet Bed

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Best Pet Sofa Bed Ever!

  • SOFT LUXURIOUS BED:Super soft paddingoffers luxurious comfort whenyour pets rest on it. This sofa bed will quickly become your pets new favorite spot in winter!
  • FlEECE SURFACE WITH BLANKET:Help pets to keep warm in the cold winter months, especiallyat night time. Thefleece surface and blanket provide your pet everyday warmth and security.
  • REMOVABLE COVER:Removable and Machine-Washable cover. Simply put it on gentle / delicate cycle. Easy to clean & maintain

  • RAISED EDGES:The raised side walls provide additional support for your pets head and neck, offering the best sleeping environment.
  • EASY TO CARRY:Lightweight material allows you to easily to take the bed on vacation or to a guardians house.
  • NON-SLIP:Non-slip fabric at the base of the bed will make the bed perfect for any surface
  • DURABLE:Oxford backing makes the bed durable and waterproof so you can keep your dogs sleeping spot hygienic.


S 45x32x13cm/17"x15"x5"
M 50x40x14cm/19.6"x15.7"x5.5"
L 60x50x15cm/23.6"x15.6"x5.9"

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