Mighty Dual High-Pressure Washer

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The powerful dual pressure washer that can effectively and deeply clean any surfaces.

Effectively, quickly, and easily clean surfaces with our very own MIGHTY DUAL HIGH-PRESSURE WASHER

Mighty Dual High-Pressure Washer is an INNOVATIVE WASHER WAND that is DESIGNED to PRODUCE POWER WATER JET to EFFECTIVELY CLEAN and RINSE SURFACES. It comes in a DUAL NOZZLES that is JET STREAM and FAN WASH that PROVIDES CONVENIENT and POWERFUL CLEANING to your Home, Garage, Car, Lawn and more. It is made of HIGH-QUALITY BRASS and STAINLESS-STEEL material for an ULTRA DURABLE and LONG-LASTING usage. It has a DETACHABLE NOZZLE so you can HAVE BOTH LONG and SHORT NOZZLE for more convenience.

Mighty Dual High-Pressure Washer is an INSTANT and EASIEST WAY to CLEAN Cars, Driveways, Gutters, Tiles, Molds, Glasses, Woods, Patio, Deck, and more. It is GUARANTEED NOT to HARM or STRIP FLOORINGS like WOOD, CAR PAINT or CLEAR COAT. It has a FLEXIBLE WAND that can HELP you get the HARD to REACH areas. It has an ADAPTER to EASILY CONNECT with DIFFERENT HOSES. It can SHOOT PRESSURED WATER in DIFFERENT WAYS from DOWNWARDS to UPWARDS. It is SUPER EASY to USE. It SAVES you from CONSUMING TOO MUCH of WATER and EFFORT when CLEANING.


  • Material:  Metal
  • Spraying distance:  15 (m)
  • Water pressure:  8 bars
  • Use:  Car or exterior wash
  • Color: Blue


  • 1x Mighty Dual High-Pressure Washer
  • 1x Universal hose adapter
  • 2x different spray nozzles
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