Mini Makeup Tool Washer

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To prevent your face from skin allergies you should wash your brushes and sponge often. In fact, they say that you should wash it every after you use it which in our case is an additional beauty commitment.
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We got your back ladies! As we introduce you the MINI MAKEUP TOOL WASHER! The CLEANING TOOL that all woman will simply adore!
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Mini Makeup Tool Washer is an ADORABLE battery-powered gadget that is like a MINI WASHING MACHINE but is designed for CLEANING your makeup brushes and sponges. It has a SPINNER inside that turns on with just a push of a button. It has a CUTE little detachable hose that allows the dirty water to drain out. In just 5 SECONDS you can have a HYGIENIC makeup tools!
Mini Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner Washing Machine Dollhouse Toy ...
Mini Makeup Tool Washer is TIME EFFICIENT and PORTABLE. It is EASY and CONVENIENT to use ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. To use this cute machine, you just have to fill it with warm water and add your preferred make up soap or cleanser then put your brush or sponge and push the button to start the clean spinning. Drain the water with the hose after.
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Product Dimensions:9.4 x 3.9 x 3.5 inches
Color: Black, Pink, Blue
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1 xMini Makeup Tool Washer
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