Multi-Use Durable Gel Tape

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A multipurpose durable gel tape that is a perfect must have to any home.


We are happy to offer you an innovative multipurpose tape that is a must have to every home. Introducing MULTI-USE DURABLE GEL TAPE.


Multi-Use Durable Gel Tape is a STRONG and UNFAILING Gel COMPOUND TAPE that is DESIGNED to HOLD SECURELY ANYTHING. It has a UNIQUE SIZE, LENGTH and THICKNESS. It can HOLD UP TO 2.2lb or 1KG.  It is WATERPROOF, OIL PROOF, and DUST PROOF. It is SUPER ADHESIVE that it can ATTACHED to ANY SURFACES and can also be EASILY REMOVED just like removing a sticker, pull away lightly one corner with steady force and IT WON’T DAMAGE YOUR WALLS or LEAVE A RESIDUE OR MARK.

Multi-Use Durable Gel Tape is ADJUSTABLE as it can be MEASURED and CUT into your DESIRED LENGTH. It has a LENGTH of 5 meter or 16.5-foot ROLL of GEL PAD GRIP TAPE. It is VERY EASY TO USE. It is IDEAL for walls, rugs or clothes, wood, etc! How amazing! INVISIBLE GEL TAPE is also WASHABLE AND REUSABLE. Just wash it every time you remove it from a surface to make it just like new!

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  • 1xMulti-Use Durable Gel Tape (1M/ 3M/ 5M)
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