Multifunction Triple Charger

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Dont be fooled -- this is not a Swiss knife but aMultifunction Triple Charger.

It comes with 3 plugs USB plug (for laptop), Lightning (for iPhone) and Micro USB (for older Andriod phones) which supports chargingmultiple devices simultaneously.It also contains a Type-C adaptor for newer Android phones, a SIM card pin needle and a hidden phone stand which hold your phone up on a flat surface.

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It s stylishly designed to mimic a Swiss Arm Knife which perfectly hides all components within the mini-sized case. It is lightweight, sleek-looking and slim, and can be fitted in a bag, a backpack or even a pocket. It is also super convenient to bring along with you so as to chargeyour devices at the same timewithout carrying long cables which ought to tangle with each other.

Triple Charging
Able to charge up to 3 devices simultaneously.
Swiss Arm Knife Style
Perfectly hide all components within the pocket-sized case. Easy to pull out required cables for charging.

Hidden Phone Stand
Holds a phone after pulling the hidden stand.

Withextra sim card pinfor emergency.
Quick Charging
Fast data transferring/ charging speed. Provides a full charge within an hour for a smartphone in general.
Ultra Slim Design
3X smaller than normal chargers and it fits comfortably in a pocket or bag.
Wide Applications
Suitable to hold kitchen utensils, stationery, cables and any metal item.

Multifunction Triple Charger supports fast data transferring/ charging speed. In general, it fully charges a smartphone within an hour.

Size:10.5 x 2.7 x 2.1cm
Color: Black, White

1 x Multifunction Triple Charger
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