Non Slip Pet Cooling Bowl

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Let your pets enjoy cold refreshments with this cooling bowl.

Keep your pets HYDRATED and REFRESHED all the time with this innovative NON-SLIP PET COOLING BOWL.
Non-Slip Pet Cooling Bowl is a PET WATER/FOOD DISH that has a GEL LININGS for a COOLER and FRESHER days for your pets. The NON-TOXIC GEL can be FROZEN for 2 HOURS which LASTS LONGER than ICE. The bowl is COMPACT and its RESISTANT to CHEWING. It has a NON-SLIP BASE preventing the SPILLS around the bowl.
Non-Slip Pet Cooling Bowl can PROVIDE a COLD REFRESHMENT for your pets up to 8 HOURS. It is SAFE as some ICE CUBES can be SHARP for your pets tongue, and there is no REQUIREMENT of ELECTRICAL CORDS or BATTEIRES. Its ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, STURDY and can LAST for LONG TIME.
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Non-Slip Pet Cooling Bowl are SUITABLE for DOGS, CATS, RABBITS, and other PETS. It is EASY to USE just FREEZE the INNER GEL BOWL and FILL IN WITH WATER and let your pets ENJOY a CHILLIN DRINK. This bowl is EASY and SAFE to wash.
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