Non-Slip Windproof Clothesline

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Securely and hassle free dry your clothes with this handy clothesline.

Introducing the most handy and innovative clothesline that surely will make laundry life easier. We are happy to offer you the NON-SLIP WINDPROOF CLOTHESLINE.

Non-Slip Windproof Clothesline is an ADVANCED CLOTHING LAUNDRY LINE that is SPECIALLY DESIGNED to HOLD ON to your CLOTHES while drying them. It is made of HIGH-QUALITY NYLON material making it ULTRA THICK, FITM, TOUGH and STRONG CARRYING CAPACITY. It can let you DRY MULTIPLE CLOTHES at the same time. It is LIGHTWEIGHT and can be EASILY FOLD after use.

Non-Slip Windproof Clothesline has STAINLESS HOOKS on BOTH END of the clothesline to let you easily HOOK it ANYWHERE and ADJUST the LENGTH you NEED. This CLOTHELINE is VERY STABLE that it is WINDPROOF. It is IDEAL for Home Gardens, Bathroom, Laundry Room, Balconies, Hotel, Outdoor Trees, Camping, Hiking, Beach Trips, Fishing, and more. It comes in DIFFERENT SIZES: 5m/ 8m/ and 10m.


  • Materials:Nylon
  • Colors:Blue, Pink, Green
  • Length: 3m / 8m

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  • 1 xNon-Slip Windproof Clothesline
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