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A perfect bottle dispenser to keep your soda fizzy.

Introducing a product to drink soda in a more convenient way. The Perfect Soda Dispenser.

Perfect Soda Dispenser is an EASY to USE DISPENSER that KEEPS your soda FIZZY. It keeps drinks CARBONATED. It can DISPENSE just the right amount straight from the bottle.

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It is more CONVENIENT and even KIDS can have their own drink without the worry of spilling while pouring from the bottle. No more pouring of heavy and unwieldy bottles. It PREVENTS mess and spills. It is LEAK PROOF and DURABLE.

Easily dispense the soda into a glass by just pulling on a lever!!
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  • Keeps drinkscarbonatedand dispenses just theright amountright from your bottle.
  • Universal Fits. Fits easily on a wide variety of beverage bottles.
  • No pouring from heavy, unwieldy bottles.No mess.
  • Great for use athome,office, camping,parties, entertaining and more.
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Simplytwistdispenser onto the top of a plastic 2-liter or 1-liter bottle, theninvertthe bottle.Dispenseas much as you want!

Perfect Soda Dispenser has a UNIVERSAL FIT as it can FIT easily a wide variety of beverages bottle. It is GREAT use at home, office, camping, parties, get together and more. It is EASY to use just TWIST the dispenser onto the top of a 2-litter plastic bottle then turn the bottle upside down to dispense drinks.

Material: ABS, TPR
Color: Red
Height: 15cm/5.91" (Approx.)
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Bottle Diameter: 10cm/3.94" (Approx.)
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Perfect Soda Dispenser x 1pc
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