Portable Disc Go Bag

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Be always ready with this Portable Disc Go Bag!

It is FOLDABLE and CONVENIENT that can be stored in a DISC STORAGE for a ON-THE-GO ready experience!

It is made of HIGH-QUALITY NYLON material that is STURDY and RIP RESISTANT. The HIGH-QUALITY ABS made compartment disk is STRONG and DURABLE.

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It is WATER-RESISTANT and can hold on to ANY WEATHER.

Portable Disc Go Bag has a LARGE CAPACITY as it can store up to 5L making MORE ROOM for all your shopping requirement. This bag is VERSATILE as you can also use it for sports, outdoor activities, travelling, camping, and more!

Portable Disc Go Bag is EASY to USE just PULL the tag to RELEASE from the disc and just ROLL it back to the disc after use.

You can take it with you anywhere so you can always be ready for an extra bag when needed.


  • FOLDABLE AND CONVENIENT- The Disc Portable Bag can be collapsed and stored in the compartment disk.
  • HIGH QUALITY- Nylon material is sturdy and resistant to rips. High-quality ABScompartmentdisk is strong and durable
  • LARGE CAPACITY- 5L large capacity to meet your daily shopping requirement.
  • EASY TO OPERATE- Pull the tag to release Disc Portable Bag. Simple holes to roll bag back up into the compartment disk after use.
  • VERSATILE USE- Used for shopping, sports, outdoor activity, traveling andmore!

Material: ABS, nylon
Weight: 85g
Size: 39.5 x 42 cm
    Portable Disc Go Bag x 1pc
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