Portable Mesh and Insulated Bag

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Let you ENJOY YOUR MEALS as if it just got our from the stove or oven!


  • Enjoy going out while keeping your food and drink fresh and on its temperature with this bag.
  • A perfect on-the-go bag that preserves food and drinks freshness and temperature.
  • Enjoy perfectly cooked meals and drinks wherever with the help of this portable lunch bag.

Nothing beats eating a home cooked real food. Things that we miss when we go to school, work or on a trip because were afraid that it will get cold, hot or stale thats why we choose to buy unhealthy and instant food instead.

Here is a product that will let you ENJOY YOUR MEALS as if it just got our from the stove or oven! Introducing thePortable Mesh and Insulated Bag.

Portable Mesh and Insulated Bagis a MODERN, CANVAS and MESH bag that has an INSULATED bottom pocket that PRESERVES the FRESHNESS and TEMPERATURE of your FOOD. The LARGE MESH bag is LIGHTWEIGHT tote bag that is an easy CARRY SPACE for extra foods like chips, utensils, water bottles, even towels, extra clothes and other daily necessities. The bottom INSULATED pocket has an easy to clean FLEXIBLE SOFT LINER perfectly designed to keep your food and drinks fresh.

Portable Mesh and Insulated Bagis made of MOISTURE-PROOF oxford fabric. It is DURABLE. It is ECO-FRIENDLY. It is WATER-PROOF. It is QUICK DRY and when brought to beach, the sand EASILY FALLS OFF providing the user an EASY CLEAN UP. This bag is perfect for the beach, pool, parks, picnics, BBQ's, camping, road trips, vacations, festivals, travel and sporting events. Perfect for family day's out.

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