Powerful Wood Grinder Disc

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Powerfully cut the material with ease regardless the grains and knobs.

Introducing a HANDY product that can help you cut, carve and shape wood instantly and conveniently. The POWERFUL WOOD GRINDER DISC!
Powerful Wood Grinder Disc is a UNIQUE tool that FEATURES a FULL HOUSE 22 TEETH DISC made of STAINLESS-STEEL making the BLADES TWICE the EXPANSE of regular teeth of the standard chain saws. It can POWER its way through the HARDEST of WOODS and other soft NON-FERROUS materials.
Powerful Wood Grinder Disc is SAFE to USE as when it HIT a nail or wire in wood on most occasions it will CUT through the OBSTRUCTION and if not, the CHAIN will AUTOMATICALLY STOP while the DISC still rotating making a WARNING sign to user that the GRINDER should be STOPPED and with this FEATURE, it ELIMINATE KICKBACK and BINDING.
Powerful Wood Grinder Disc chains are EASILY SHARPENED with a 5/32 (4mm) CHAIN SAW FILE. This DISC GRINDER makes Cutting, Carving, Removing and Sculpting of WOOD, PLASTICS, ICE, and HARD RUBBER very EASY and CONVENIENT. It has a MAXIMUM SPEED of 10000-13000 rpm.
Package Include:
  • 1 x Grinder Wood Carving Chain Disc.
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