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Introducing a special workout tool that can give you a full body workout in your most convenience. We are proud to offer you the TUMMY TRIMMER TOOL.

Tummy Trimmer Tool is an ADVENCED TOOL that is SPECIALLY DESIGNED to PROVIDE a FULL BODY WORKOUT whenever and wherever you are. It is GUARNTEED to FLATTEN the TUMMY for just MINUTES of USING it a day. It also TIGHTENS the HIPS and Thighs and TONES the ARMS and FIRMS the CHEST. It has a CONTOURED FOOT PEDAL for a SECURED and SAFE FOOT RESISTANT.

Tummy Trimmer Tool can EFFICIENTLY INCREASE the CORE BODY TEMPERATURE which makes it very EFFECTIVE in SLIMMING DOWN TUMMY and PROMOTES WEIGHT LOSS. It is PORTABLE and can be CARRIED CONVENIENTLY to wherever workout place you are most comfortable at. It is SUITABLE for both MEN and WOMEN.

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It is PERFECT for BUSY PEOPLE or STAY at HOME MOMS that doesnt have time to go the gym or perform time consuming workout routines. It is EASY to USE and MORE WAYS to MAXIMIZE its PURPOSE.

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  • Size:40cm *26cm
  • Colour: Blue/ Red/ Green/ Purple/ Yellow
  • Material: TPE+PP
  • Length: can reach 120cm
  • 4Strings
  • 1 x Tummy Trimmer Tool
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