Shape Up Seamless Shorts

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Who doesn’t want to achieve an hourglass figure when they wear their tight-fitting dress? Its every woman’s dream to look sexy in their clothes. But not all woman is blessed to have a curvy body. So, here is a product FOR ALL THE WOMAN out there! Introducing the SHAPE UP SEAMLESS SHORTS.  


Shape Up Seamless Shorts is a SHAPING UNDERGARMENT especially made for women to HIDE their BELLY, TRIM the THIGHS and LIFT the BUTT.

It CONTROLS the BELLY but NOT TOO TIGHT to be uncomfortable. The NYLON with HIGH ELASTIC material can REDUCE the waist by 2 or 3 INCHES.

It can SMOOTHEN out the tummy and MOLD your body in an hourglass figure. It can also THIN the THIGHS and FLATEN the bumps and lumps of your thighs. Its SILKY FABRIC can PREVENT CHAFING. It LIFTS your HIPS and BUTT giving you INSTANTLY the PERFECT FIGURE!


Shape Up Seamless Shorts is VERY COMFORTABLE to WEAR. Its LIGHTWEIGHT and BREATHABLE. The GARTERS do not ROLL, and it is SEAMLESS, so it is PERFECTLY hidden underneath your clothes as if you’re not wearing it.

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