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Concerned about privacy when renting an AirBnB, hotel room, or apartment?
Hidden Camera Detector is an easy-to-use personal handheld hidden camera lens detector that quickly locates all hidden cameras undetectable to the naked eye.
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Image result for Anti-Spy RF Signal Detector
Ask yourself if you are:
  • Going through legal disputes
  • On vacation at any AirBnb / VRBO Properties
  • Business travel often and frequent Hotel Rooms
  • Moving into a new property
  • Shopping for clothing using dressing rooms
  • Concerns in Locker Rooms
  • Going thru a Divorce and have Camera concerns
  • Live in an apartment, condo or duplex where others have keys
  • Recent contractors on premises
  • Easily finds all hidden cameras by locating reflection off Camera Lens
  • Fast & Accurate
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Finds wireless & wired cameras
  • Finds digital or analog cameras
  • Finds CCD, CMOS, CCTV, Fisheye
  • Finds Cameras Powered On or Off - Working or Non-Working
  • Detects at distances up to +/- 45 feet away
  • 3 LED Intensity Levels
  • Portable. Fits in any pocket

Key Points of Usage:

1. Make sure that the product has sufficient power before use.
2. Sensitivity Level: Clockwise turning to enhance and counterclockwise to decrease.
3.Turn on the machine, rotate to the maximum until constant beep is heard.
Then turn the counter clockwise, adjust until 2-3 LED of the signal intensity lights are lit up to enter the detection mode.

4. When signal jamming, the LED signal will be unstable or flicker. Then keep far away from the interference signal.
5. In normal detection, the closer the target signal is to the suspicious signal, thestrongerthe indicator light is, and the larger the alarm sounds.

-Detect Frequency: 1 MHz 8000 MHz
-Detection range: > 73 dB
-Detection sensitivity: < 0.03 mV (main band)
-Detection areas:
2.4G: 10 square meters (standard 10 mW)
1.2G: 15 square meters (standard 10 mW)
-Cell phone signals from 2G, 3G, and 4G networks: 15 square meters
-10-level digital indicator, buzzer and vibration indicator

-Power: Built-in 3.7V 100 mA polymer lithium batterya full charge takes 2.5
hours and will last for 4 to 5 hours

-Working current: 60 110 mA
-Material: ABS plastic

-Weight: 150 g
-Dimensions: 117 x 56 x 20 mm

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Spy Signal Detector x 1pc
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