Stylish Hoop Ear Cuffs

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A fabulous pair of hoop earrings that adds elegance on your look without requiring piercings.

Are you one of the girls who doesn’t have piercings and afraid to have one? Worry no more as we offer you a product that can let you wear earrings without piercings. Introducing the STYLISH HOOP EAR CUFFS.

Stylish Hoop Ear Cuffs is a FABULOUS HOOP EAR CUFFS that is DESIGNED to SIT COMFORTABLY and NEATLY in your EARS without the worry of FALLING OFF. It is made of 18K GPLD PLATED BRASS making it SAFE and NON-TARNISHING. It is SMALL and LIGHTWEIGHT making it SUPER COMFY to WEAR.

Stylish Hoop Ear Cuffs is IDEAL for ALL OCCASIONS such as Parties, Weddings, Clubbing, Get Togethers, Dinners, Casual events, and more. It is SUITABLE for ALL EAR SIZES. It is PERFECT for ALL AGES. It is EASY to WEAR just LOOP AROUND your EAR’S CARTILAGE in just ONE SWOOP.


  • Material: Gold gilded brass
  • Color: Gold, Silver

Product Includes:

  • 1 Pair x Stylish Hoop Ear Cuffs
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