Stylish Jaguar Phone Holder

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We are happy to offer you a sleek and stylish phone holder that will not ruin the look of your cars interior. Introducing the STYLISH JAGUAR PHONE HOLDER.

Rotating Car Leopard Phone Clip Holder  Fechonline

Stylish Jaguar Phone Holder is an ADVANCE PHONE HOLDER with a SOPHISTICATED JAGUAR DESIGN. It is made of HIGH-QUALITY ABS material making it STURDY and DURABLE. It has a FULL 360° ROTATING FEATURE that PROVIDES the BEST ANGLE VIEW without interfering your driving. It has a SILICONE PAD that PROTECTS the CASING of the MOBILE PHONE.

Universal 360° Rotating Car Leopard Phone Clip Holder

Stylish Jaguar Phone Holder has an ICONIC JAGUAR FIGURE that can be USED as a STAND or ORNAMENT on your DASHBOARD. It SECURELY HOLDS your PHONE to ENJOY HANDS FREE usage without the WORRY of GETTING DISTRACTED while DRIVING. It comes in COOL CHIC COLORS such as Black, Silver, and GOLD.

  • Material: ABS
  • Package Size: 5.9*3.1*3.1 in
  • Color: black, silver, golden
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