Super Resistant Fireproof Gloves

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Have you ever suffered burns when you are cooking?

HEAT RESISTANT TO 932ºF So You Dont Burn Your Hands. Grab the Hottest Pans Without Fear. Protect Your Spouse, Parents, Friends and Kids with the same Meta-Aramid

Our Exclusive Blend of Fibers can Withstand the Hottest Cooking with Your Oven, Stove, Grill, Barbecue or Campfire.

  • CUT AND HEAT-RESISTANT - These are not your dads oven mitts. Charcoal grills and fires get hot! Protect your hands and forearms from burns and cuts with these extra long, 14-inch gloves. They withstand temperatures up to (not exceeding) 932 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • COTTON AND ARAMID FIBER - Plastic, nitrile, latex, and rubber disposable kitchen gloves look pathetic next to these monsters. Slip your claws into the real cotton liners and feel the power of the 100% high-tech Aramid woven exterior. Aramid is a synthetic polymer designed for fire jackets and body armor and Super Resistant Fireproof Gloves uses it to protect your hands

  • EASY TO CLEAN - Youre gonna get sauce on these. Just throw them in the washer, and theyre ready to go. Our gloves are light while still being maximally insulated. The knitted material lets your skin breath, so your hands stay dry and cool inside, even while you grab hot plates. Make sure they are completely dry before use. Do not for use with hot liquids or steams.


  • 1x Super Resistant Fireproof Gloves (1 Pair)
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