Twisting Eye Candy Stick

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A quick twist and have a fun, playful candy colored experience.

Introducing a device that will help you relax, focus, take away stress in a fun and candy color wayThe TWISTING EYE CANDY STICK!

Twisting Eye Candy Stick is an INTERACTIVE KINETIC TOY that RELAXES the MIND, CHALLENGES the BRAINS function and helps take away the STRESS. With just a QUICK TWIST, the tool transforms from a SWIRL into a BURST and back again in ONE MOTION. Transform it by simply SPINNING the HANDLE and spin it the other way to change it back. It is DESIGNED of a BEAUTIFUL STRUCTURE that is resulting to a natural plant forms and utilizes mathematical concepts such as FIBONACCI NUMBERS and GOLDEN RATIO.

Twisting Eye Candy Stick is VERSATILE as it can be played as TOY, as a STRESS RELIEVER, a DESKTOP ACCESSORY, or as a HOME DCOR. It consists of 40 PLASTIC PIECES assembled on a STAINLESS-STEEL TUBE with a CLEAR SLEEVE, a metal display stand and an instruction.

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