Wavy Hair Styling Kit

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Say goodbye to heated styling tools and chemicals and say hello to natural wavy hair style.

Even if it results to a good look, we all know how styling our hair can be time-consuming and sometimes it also leads to damaging our hair. Worry no more because we have a product that will NATURALLY STYLE your hair. Introducing the Wavy Hair Styling Kit.

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    Wavy Hair Styling Kit is a patented HAIR CURLING system that is KIND to the hair and PRODUCES LONG-LASTING results. It CREATES perfectly DEFINED, SMOOTH, WIDE CURLS without the NEED for HEAT. It is a NO HEAT CURLS and is EASY to APPLY and can be USED on EVERY HAIR TYPE from FRIZZY to NATURALLY CURLY to STUBBORNLY STRAIGHT. This kit is IDEAL for EXTRA LONG hair up to 24 inches or 65 cm long.

    Wavy Hair Styling Kit contains a salon quality formers that comes in three different styles. No need of spending money on hair heated tools and chemicals. It is made of LATEX material that does not DAMAGE the hair. It is EASY to USE just wash and condition the hair and pat dry and detangle, then apply a leave on conditioner and start sectioning your hair, then TWIST a small section of hair and root and HOOK the styling wand around the twisted hair then GENTLY guide the strand to the wave former and leave for 2-3 hours or until the hair is FULLY DRY. You can also leave it overnight just pull them all back and tie and cover it with a scarf and sleep.


    • Material:PET tube
    • Size:30cm


    • 12 Pcs x 30cm Wave Curl Formers
    • 1 x Magic Stick

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